Transcendent by Craig Alanson

transcendentJust finished Transcendent by Craig Alanson. It is the second book in the Ascendant series. Overall, it was a good book. This book primarily follows the lives of Koren, Ariana, and the Falco heir (whose first name escapes me at the moment). Where as in the first book, the three had lots of scenes together, in this book, they are all separated, so you spend quite a bit of time bouncing between one person’s journey and the others.

Some reviews on Goodreads and Amazon have said that the book is a little slow, and I agree with that. This book focuses more on the political intrigue of characters like Ariana and the Falco heir. Koren’s adventures are primarily miscellaneous adventures as he endeavors to avoid his “curse”.

There is a little bit more profanity in this book than in the last one (just the use of “damn”), but still a clean book that you could listen to with 12 year-olds on up.

This book wasn’t quite as lighthearted as the first one, and there were a couple of story “flaws” or plot holes where I was like “that doesn’t even seem plausible”, but hey, this is a fantasy series, anything is possible. And, more importantly, the book held my interest, and I eagerly await the third book.

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