Teen/Young Adult

These Books are good for adults/young adults (in order of my favorites). 

Due to some references/violence, these books might not be good for children.

  1. Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan (PG-13)
    • Series: Riyria Revelations
    • This is a very good book. There is no sex in it, but they do make reference to prostitutes and there is some profanity (“bastard”, “damn”, “Oh my God”) every now and then.
  2. The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan (PG-13)
    1. First Book: Promise of Blood
  3. Ascendant (Songs of Chaos Book 1) by Michael R. Miller
  4. Mage Errant by John Bierce
  5. Temeraire (book series) by Naomi Novik (PG)
    • First book: His Majesty’s Dragon
    • There is no description of sex in this book series, but there are occasional references to a man and a woman spending the night together. Nothing offensive or graphic (if it was, I wouldn’t have read it. I don’t like sex in books.)
    • In a future book, it does reference that two male characters are in a relationship together. However, like the references to sexual intercourse in the books, there is no description of anything, nor is it a major plot line. It simply comes up once or twice.
  6. Enchantment by Orson Scott Card (PG-13)
    • A Russian, Sleeping Beauty story.
    • There is implication of/reference to sex, but no description. On the plus side, the couple are married, and it is a pure expression of love, not the lust-driven, recreational activity found in so many movies and books.
  7. The White Tower by Michael Wisehart (PG-13)
    • Series: The Aldoran Chronicles
    • Violence may make some readers a little squeamish.
    • This series is back in my top-10. I originally removed it because it had been three years since its release, and there was no sequel. However, a sequel has been written; let’s hope we don’t have to wait another three years for book three.
  8. Arcane Ascension (series) by Andrew Rowe (PG-13)
    • First Book: Sufficiently Advanced Magic
  9. Thieftaker Chronicles by D.B. Jackson (PG-13)
    • Does have a few bedroom scenes, but are relatively mild compared to what is seen on television.
  10. Echoes of Fate by Philip C. Quaintrell (R) 
    • Not for teens! See my review regarding the “R” rating.

Other Favorites: They simply had the misfortune of being bumped out of the top 10. Listed in alphabetical

  • Ascendant by Craig Alanson (PG)
    • Series: Ascendant
    • Clean book, no sex, and only uses of swear words 5 times. (Yes, I counted because it was so surprising to find a young adult book that doesn’t curse regularly).
  • Memory Stone by Jeffrey Quyle, (PG)
  • The Novice by Taran Matharu
    • Series: Summoner
    • Book is relatively clean in terms of sex and profanity. However, the violence/evil of the villains may be difficult for some readers.
  • Twinborn Chronicles by J.S. Morin

Other books I have enjoyed, but aren’t my “Favorites”.

  • The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga by Gail Z. Martin
    • First book: Ice Forged
  • Benajmin Ashwood by AC Cobble (R)
    • This is an entertaining book series; it has a good story. There are two scenes in the first book which involve a reference to and moderate description of sexual intercourse.
    • The first scene comes up and is over very quickly before you even realized it happened; it is more shocking than anything because it catches you by surprise.
    • The second scene is a bit more drawn out, but can be skipped over. Other than those two instances in the first book, the content has been free of sexual intercourse (even in the second book).
    • Because those two scenes are isolated I would still recommend this book to certain individuals who are mature enough to overlook certain content.  However, it is also because of these two instances, that this book did series did not make it into my top-ten overall favorites
  • Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker
  • Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw
    • This book is part of a series titled the Wakening. This book is very, very good.  The author is a Christian, and as such there are Christian themes in the book. However, this is not a “Christian” book; it is a fantasy book with Christian themes.
    • A word of caution: This book was originally in my top-10; however, it has been three years since this book came out, and I am still waiting on the sequel. Because of that, this book has been moved down here. By the time the sequel gets published (if it ever does), I will have to re-read the book because I don’t remember what happened.
  • The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima (PG-13)
    • Series: The Seven Realms.
    • This book is a little more open about characters’ desires to make out, and there are several instances where the characters do make out. So far (I’m not completely done with the series), there is no description of sex, just making out and kissing. Personally, I probably would not let my 13 year old read it (if I had one). I would say this would be 15 years old or older depending on the maturity of your teen.
  • Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter by Michael J. Sullivan (PG-13)
    • Fourth book in the series: Riyria Chronicles
    • This book is the funniest of the four Riyria Chronicles. It also has a great message of hope.
  • Dragon Rider Chronicles by Nicole Conway.
    • First Book: Fledgling
    • The first book (Fledgling) in this series is PG and acceptable for 11-12 year olds. The second book (Avian) is probably PG-13, and the violence in the first part half of the book may be disturbing to younger children.
  • Fatemarked by David Estes (PG-15)
    • Series: The Fatemarked Epic.
    • PG-15 for one sex scene and some violence/cruelty. See my review for more information.
  • Gods of Blood and Powder by Brian McClellan (PG-13)
    • First Book: Sins of Empire
  • Heartstone by Elle Katharine White
  • Legends of the First Empire by Michael J. Sullivan
    • First book: Age of Myth
  • The Lost Books by Ted Dekker (PG-13)
    • First book: Chosen.
    • I would kind of describe this as The Chronicles of Narnia for adults in that the author is Christian, and one can see Christian metaphors/analogies (or whatever the appropriate literary term is) between the fight between good vs. evil.
    • There is violence in the book, and I quit reading the book series on the third book because I didn’t like the violence. The violence, however, is not outrageous or graphic, but I didn’t want to keep reading it.
  • Timebound (The Chronos Files, Book 1) by Rysa Walker.
  • The Tercentennial Baron (The Bellirolt Chronicles Book 1) by Will Damron.
  • Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card
  • The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Michael Vey #1) by Richard Paul Evans
  • Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan (PG-15)
    • Read my review for more details.
  • Sarah by Orson Scott Card
    • I did not read this book, but my mom did. It is one of her favorites.
  • Street Rats of Aramoor (series) by Michael Wisehart
    • First book: Banished