Empty Horizon by A.C. Cobble

Empty HorizonUpdate (June 2018): I did finish the book. While the style of writing is simpler than other books I’ve read, I did manage to enjoy the story. There were some crude parts, and there were a couple of violent scenes, but in the end, I did end up enjoying it.

(March 2018) Empty Horizon is the fourth book in the Benjamin Ashwood series by A.C. Cobble.

I was looking forward to this book, but since starting it, I have been disappointed. The style of writing seems juvenile and simple, not the same quality of writing that I’m used to reading. In addition, it is more crude than the previous three. As much as I want to know what happens to the characters, I probably won’t finish the book because it simply isn’t keeping my interest and I don’t appreciate the increased crudeness.