Big Honey Dog Mysteries by H.Y. Hanna

Big HOney Dog mysteries Message in a BaubleBig Honey Dog Mysteries, Message in a Bauble is a children’s chapter book written by H.Y. Hanna. I read this book for two reasons: 1) the main character is a large breed dog – a Great Dane. I love large dogs. 2) I wanted to make sure the books contents were acceptable for my younger sisters.

Message in a Bauble is well written for the age range it is targeting. The story itself is clever and cute and appropriate for all children. Amazon lists this book’s target audience as children ages 8 – 12, although, I think 6 year olds would enjoy the story if someone read it to them.

Despite the fact that I am not the target audience, I did find several scenes comical, and while this is not a book series I will continue to read, I would recommend it to families with young children.

The author has published other book series as well, and I will definitely check those out.