Bewitched by Chocolate

If you are looking for your next book series, check out Bewitched by Chocolate by H.Y. Hanna. This unique story incorporates a cozy mystery with magic and my personal favorite – CHOCOLATE. The main character, Caitlyn, is on a quest to find out who her birth mother is, so she takes a trip to England and finds herself in a small, English village where rumors of witchcraft abound. These rumors target one individual in particular, a witch whose chocolates are so irresistible that they can only be made with dark magic. When a man turns up murdered, residents are quick to blame magic. Caitlyn soon finds herself not only trying to solve her own personally mystery, but also the mystery of the deceased man.

A note to readers: the book does reference “witchcraft” and the “occult”. Most of the time they are just brief references, but there were a couple books in the series, that had a few darker scenes. These scenes are in no way dark like the later Harry Potter books or like some movies, but I did find them a little bothersome. I ended up only being able to read the first 5 books because the realistic-ness of some of the witchcraft references troubled my spirit. So, for sensitive readers this may not be the series for you. However, if those types of things don’t bother you, then you will definitely enjoy this book series. The characters are endearing, and I especially like the relationship between Bran, the giant mastiff, and the little kitten, Nibbs. (who of course aren’t the main characters, but definitely caught my attention. I will definitely be checking out some of H.Y. Hanna’s other book series.