Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan

Age of War.jpgI eagerly awaited the release of Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan. It is the third book in the Legends of the First Empire series. The book is well written, but a little slow. The characters are well developed, but overall I was disappointed.

As the title suggest, there is a lot of war and death in this book (not graphic though). There is also a lot of scheming among many characters, and no humor like in Riyria Revelations (his first, and by far his best, book series.)

Will I continue reading the book series? Yes. Will I buy the books/audio? No, I will wait for it to arrive at the library. It will also be removed from my top-10 list of  favorite book. It just doesn’t live up to the standards he created when he wrote Riyria Revelations.

The Queen’s Poisoner (Kingfountain, #1)

The Queens PoisonerThe Queen’s Poisoner is the first book in the Kingfountain series by Jeff Wheeler. The series is entertaining and clean. It is easy to form an attachment with the main characters – Owen and Evie – even though they behave as children much older than their 7-8 years.

There were some parts of the story that I didn’t understand in terms of the king and his backstory. However, I must admit that there were several sections with quite a bit of description and I skimmed over them, so it might be my own fault that I’m confused.

Overall, an entertaining story. While its not impossible to put down, it’s still one that you will look forward to returning to.

Would I be willing to try other books written by Jeff Wheeler? Yes.