The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

The Black PrismI enjoyed the first book in the series. I found the characters entertaining and normal in terms of their interpersonal struggles. At a time when lots of films are depicting superheros whose abilities seem to make them invincible, it was nice to read a story where the hero wasn’t “god-like” and who had flaws and struggles just like the rest of us.

Sensitive Reader Alert: The second book was too violent for me and contained more profanity than I was comfortable with (more use of the F-word). As such, I won’t be recommending this book to people.

The Wolf of the North

The wolf of the northSENSITIVE READER ALERT: F-word is used in several contained instances in the story.

The Wolf of the North: Wolf of the North Book 1 by Duncan Hamilton has an average story line, one that was enjoyable but not overly engaging. I could easily put it down and not pick it up for days. In fact, I ended up never finishing the book. Not one I’d recommend.