Reign of Shadows

Reign of ShadowsReign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan is my new favorite book. It didn’t take long before I was dragged into the story.

The story takes place in a world of darkness. An eclipse has blocked out all light for the last 17 years, and the country of Relhok is being ruled by an evil king, who took the throne through regicide and is searching for the true heir, Luna. Some reviews have said this story has a Rapunzel-esque feel to it. Other than the fact that Luna is raised in a tower, I don’t really see any similarities; however, having never read the original Rapunzel story, I can’t really confirm or deny it.

As I said, this is my new favorite book. It kind of reminded me of the Hunger Games (in terms of violence) and The Road (in terms of a world that has basically deteriorated). I would say that this book is PG-15 due to violence and the romance between Luna and one of the other characters.

Caution: mini spoiler ahead . .

The three main things I liked about this book is:

  1. I thought the world was unique. I’d never read a book where the characters lived in complete darkness. Furthermore, I thought the Dwellers (which I imagine to be like humanoid bodies with octopus tentacles stuck to their face) were a rather unique, creative creatures.
  2. The main character is blind, which I thought was a unique twist. To have a main character with a disability that, while presenting its challenges, also is the source of her other strengths was neat. She may not be able to see, but she is still a strong individual who compensates by using her other enhanced senses, senses that would not have been enhanced if not for her blindness.
  3. I like how the relationship between Fowler and Luna affects him, helping him grow and remember the person he used to be.

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