Ghosters 2: Revenge of the Library Ghost

Ghosters2.jpgI enjoyed Ghosters 2: Revenge of the Library Ghost* (by Diana Corbitt) more than Ghosters because this story was more light-hearted than the first book.

This book is written from Joey’s point of view, which initially confused me, having just finished reading the first book, which was written from Theresa’s point of view. However, it did not take long before I made the mental switch to Joey’s point of view, and I was lost in the story.

Like with the first book, my favorite aspect is how people with disabilities/disorders are portrayed. Joey has Asperger’s; his best friend, Elbie, has ADHD. Both characters are portrayed as real people. Yes, they have their quirks, but each character has value and worth in this story.

Reading this book from Joey’s point of view, you get to see the effort he makes to practice techniques his teachers want him to work on, such as making eye contact and reading facial expressions, something particularly challenging for people with Asperger’s. You see Joey’s attempts to use figures of speech, which aren’t always effective and lead to good laughs. You see Joey’s internal struggle as he strives to do the right thing when confronted with gray-area situations during his investigation.

Having a couple of main characters who struggle with Asperger’s and ADHD yet end up being the heroes of the story sends a message to children that no matter what you are struggling with in life, you can accomplish great things.

P.S. It is not necessary to read the books in order; however, their will be some details that might make more sense if you did.

*I was provided with Ghosters and Ghosters 2 free of charge in exchange for my review of it. I received no monetary compensation, only the privilege and enjoyment that comes with reading a well-written story, and this story is indeed well-written.

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