The Memory Stone by Jeffrey Quyle


I am currently enjoying the second book in the series The Memory Stone by Jeffrey Quyle. Clean and enjoyable, this story follows the many adventures of Theus as he endeavors to combat evil and make sense of his newly found unique talents and magical abilities.

There is an aspect of romance in this book; however, it is not a lustful “romance”. It is a romance truly born out of love and respect. That is one of the many reasons I like the book.

I also enjoy the book because a lot of the characters in the book are simply “good-people.” Many times in books and movies the protagonist is one of only a few good people; he/she faces insurmountable odds against many ill-meaning and questionable characters. However, in this book, many of the characters are truly good-people. And, with the hostility in our society these days, it is simply refreshing to read a book with so many good-people in it.

There is a strong chance this series will be added to my favorites list. However, I will have to wait and see how the series ends.

Update 1/5/19: this series was added to my “favorites” list.

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