Heartstone by Elle Katharine White

HeartStone.jpgI’m proud to be a woman. I won’t deny that women aren’t perfect, even though we like to pretend we are. But often times in movies and books, I find the female characters lacking. They are either physically strong to the point where they lack any emotional capability, or they are your stereotypical female and focused on romance and their physical appearance. That is why Heartstone by Elle Katharine White was such a pleasant surprise. White’s story features a female protagonist, Aliza, who is strong, courageous, and loyal, but at the same time possesses the unique traits that make women women.

The story portrays familial loyalty and love in a positive light. The family dynamics between Aliza, her parents, and her sisters, are very relatable. Being the oldest of five girls myself, I appreciated the different siblings’ personalities. It reminded me of my own siblings.

This fantasy-romance-adventure novel is just pure, clean fun. There is no sex and no profanity. (The word “ass” and “bastard” are used once in the book, but they were used appropriately and not in anger. This is, after all, a medieval-fantasy book.) The romances between the characters are pure, not the lustful “romance” so often featured in novels.

Interspersed with humor, sadness, and innocent, honest love, Heart Stone by Elle Katharine White, is an entertaining, enjoyable read and appropriate for all ages.

There is so much that I liked about this book it’s hard to convey it all in a review. So, you will just have to check it out for yourself. It’s definitely getting added to my “favorites” list, and I look forward to reading other books by Ms. White.

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