Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)


The 2010 version of Hawaii Five-0 is entertaining if you can ignore the fact that this show doesn’t make a pretense of using appropriate police techniques. The main character is a “get-the-job-done-no-matter-what” type of person and often uses tactics that aren’t legal or would make any evidence obtained unusable in court. (For example, in order to get a criminal to talk, Steve, the main character, puts him in shark cage in the ocean and “abandons” him for a little while. In another scene, he ties a guy to a car and takes him on a high speed ride through a winding parking garage).

While the show may be completely unrealistic in terms of its detective work and the situations some characters find themselves in, what makes the show enjoyable is the relationship between the main character, Steve, and his detective partner, Danny. While Steve is the kind of guy who doesn’t mind dumping people in shark cages in the middle of the ocean, Danny is very much by-the-book, and his and Steve’s techniques often result in friction and banter that makes the show entertaining as the two personalities collide.

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