Granite Flats (BYU TV)


A TV series produced by Brigham Young University TV. From Wikipedia: “Because BYUtv is intended for a family audience that shares Mormon values, there is no smoking, no adult or extramarital content, and all alcohol consumption is portrayed in a distinctly negative light.”

While they do get into the topic of religion in a couple of instances, it is nothing that Christians should find offensive as the moral values are applicable regardless of one’s faith, and as the above statement indicates, it is clean and family friendly (a relief in my opinion.) It can be intense (at least that is what my 12 year old sister says), and I rather agree. It is intense because of the high level of emotion that certain characters display in some situations. It is a GOOD show! The children actors are really talented.

Granite Flats (BYU TV) can be viewed on Netflix.

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